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Instant Eye Lift

Anti-aging eye cream with gold crystals

Bright eyes and a radiant look are the hallmarks of youthful beauty – and they can be yours again. Our powerful ‘Treasures of Youth’ Instant Eye Lift contains an effective anti-aging complex comprising gold crystals, hyaluronic acid and Persian silk tree extract.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and has a tightening effect on the whole eye area, including the upper eyelid. Further highlights: the precious cream has a brightening effect and reduces the appearance of dark circles and age spots.


The purest essences for the greatest impact

  • The microstructure around the eyes is improved, the skin seems tightened and the appearances of wrinkles is smoothed by Liftonin Xpress.
  • The appearance of dark circles is reduced and the upper eyelid appears lifted thanks to BEAUTIFEYE™.
  • Your skin looks brightened and the appearance of age spots are reduced thanks to Actiwhite.
  • The skin barriers are effectively supported by a complex of echium oil, sunflower oil and balloon plant extract.
  • 24-hour hydration is delivered to your skin by pure and mineral rich Swiss glacial water.
  • Other treasures: gold crystals, hyaluronic acid, Swiss edelweiss extract and Vitamin E

The elline purity promise

‘Treasures of Youth’ Instant Eye Lift is made in accordance with the strictest vegan guidelines and the highest Swiss quality standards. All elline Switzerland products are free from animal-derived ingredients.

Dermatologically tested.

Visible results

  • The appearance of dark shadows and skin imperfections is reduced, and tired eyes disappear
  • Tightening effect of the upper eyelid
  • The eyes are opened up, allowing their youthful radiance to shine through
  • The appearance of fine lines and imperfections on the area around the eyes is smoothed and reduced
  • Skin immediately feels refreshed and more comfortable

Treat yourself to a luxurious beauty ritual

Use in the morning and evening after cleansing your skin. Apply the cream around your eyes and gently tap it into your skin with your fingertips. Then, complete your skincare regimen with the Luxe Day Cream SPF 30 or the 24h Intensive Cream from our ‘Treasures of Youth’ collection.

Perfect Partner

24k Lifting Serum

Revitalizing anti-aging facial serum with gold flakes

Just one drop of ‘Treasures of Youth’ 24k Lifting Serum releases the incomparable vitality of eternal youth. As soon as it touches your skin, the precious anti-aging complex comprising gold crystals and hyaluronic acid gets to work. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections, leaving only your inimitable radiance.

Integrated 24-karat gold flakes make the ‘Treasures of Youth’ 24k Lifting Serum the highlight of our collection.